It Is Not Closed You May Have Insulin Resistance

In fact, there are no specific signs that someone has insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition when the body's cells cannot use blood sugar properly due to the disruption of the body's cell response to insulin. A person can experience insulin resistance for years without even knowing it. The body digests carbohydrates in food into glucose and then releases them into the blood. The body's cells will absorb glucose assisted by the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas gland. Furthermore, glucose absorbed will be converted into energy in cells. When a person experiences insulin resistance, the pancreas still produces insulin, but the body's cells do not absorb glucose properly. This condition causes a buildup of glucose in the blood, thus making the body's glucose levels higher than normal size. At a more severe level, this condition can cause type 2 diabetes. If glucose levels are more than normal but not yet within the criteria for type 2 diabetes
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